JAECS 47th Conference will be held online.

大会日時/Date and Time
 2021/10/2 (土曜)09:50-17:30 (予定)
 October 2nd, 2021. From 09:50 to 17:30 (Tentative)


参加費/Participation Fee
 Free (Need Registration) 

重要な日程/Important Dates
7/31  発表申込締切 Deadline for Proposal Submission
8/5  発表採否通知 Notice of Acceptance
8/31  予稿集原稿締切 Deadline for Proceedings Paper Submission
9/15  参加登録締切(会員)Deadline for Audience Registration (Members)
9/30  参加登録締切(一般)Deadline for Audience Registration (Non-Members)
10/2  大会 Conference

プログラム/Program (暫定版。今後変更可能性あり/Tentative
0950 開会   Opening
1000-1100 講演1  Invited Talk 1
1105-1215 発表セッション1   Session 1
1215-1230 会員総会  Member Meeting
1300-1435 発表セッション2  Session 2
1440-1615 発表セッション3  Session 3
1620-1720 講演2  Invited Talk 2
1720-1730 閉会  Closing


招待講演/Invited Talks

招待講演1  Invited Talk 1 
松本曜先生(国立国語研究所教授)  プロフィール
Dr. Yo MATSUMOTO (Professor, NINJAL)  Profile
"認知意味論研究におけるコーパスと実験の利点と限界" (In Japanese)


司会・指定討論者 Chair/ Discussant
Dr. Yuzo MORISHITA (Associate Professor, International Pacific University)


招待講演2  Invited Talk 2
Vaclav BREZINA先生(英国ランカスター大学上級講師)プロフィール
「Statistics and data visualization in corpus linguistics with #LancsBox」
Dr. Vaclav BREZINA (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University, UK) Profile
"Statistics and data visualization in corpus linguistics with #LancsBox"


#LancsBoxは,テキスト分析,統計分析,分析結果のビジュアライゼーションなどの機能を一体化した新しいコーパス処理ツールです。Win/ Mac/ Linuxに対応しており,無償でダウンロードして使用することができます。2021年6月には待望の日本語版解説もリリースされました。ぜひ事前にお試しの上,講演をお聞きください。
#LancsBox is a new-generation software package for the analysis of language data and corpora developed at Lancaster University. You can download and use it on your Windows/ Mac/ Linux computer.  User guide is available in English, French, and Japanese. Please have a try and enjoy the developer's talk.

司会・指定討論者 Chair/ Discussant
Dr. Hiroko  USAMI (Associate Professor, Tokai  University)





  (1) 発表A(新規の学術的知見の報告)20分
  (2) 発表B(コーパス・分析手法・ツール・プロジェクト等の紹介)(※既発表の内容を含むことも可)20分
  (3) 発表C(進行中の分析等の中間報告を行い参加者と議論)20分
  (4) 公募シンポジウム(共通テーマに基づく2~3名による発表・議論)50分
  (5) 公募ワークショップ(コーパス・分析手法・ツールなどのハンズオン解説)50分




0) 発表内容は本会の目的に沿ったものであること。
1) 発表言語で記述。
2) 文字のみ(図版なし)。
3) 日本語200-300字,英語100-200 words。字数に参考文献は含まない。
4) 発表Aとシンポは目的・データ・手法・結果を明記。
5) 参考文献は概要には含まない。別項目に記載。
6) Wordなどで作成して語数を確認後に申込フォームに貼り付ける。


 → JAECS 47th 発表申込フォーム

第1次締切 2021年7月31日(土)23:59

2021年度大会では Proceedings of the JAECS 47th Conference を刊行します(電子公開)。発表採択者は,全員,予稿集にご寄稿いただくことができます(4頁または6頁)。

→ JAECS 47th 予稿集テンプレート




The first presenter should be a JAECS member who have completed payment of the 2021 membership fee; and only the JAECS members can submit presentation proposal. If needed, you can invite non-members as your co-presenters .

●Presentation Type
  (1) Presentation A (Report  of new research findings)20 min.
  (2) Presentation B (Introduction of a corpus, tool, method, project, etc.)  20 min.
  (3) Presentation C (WIP: Work in Progress Report and discussion with audience) 20 min.
  (4) Symposium (2-3 talks about the common theme)50 min.
  (5) Workshop (Hands-on session to introduce a corpus, tool, and method)50 min.

Note 1: The language used for presentation should be English or Japanese.
Note 2: The length shown above (20 min./ 60 min.) includes the time for Q&A and/or Discussion with audience. Presenters can decide the length of QAD. The committee may adjust the  lengths of different types of presentations.
Note 3: Presentations A/B/C, Symposia, and Workshops are all  in the parallel sessions.
Note 4: The committee may invite some guest speakers.

●Presentation Method
Please deliver your talk during the time shown in the conference program. You need to share your screen and talk live or play the prerecorded video by yourself.  A stable internet connection is needed. Please note that the presentation time will not be extended even if you face some internet connection trouble.

Parallel sessions are planned.

●Presentation Abstract
0) The content of the presentation should be in line with the aim of the JAECS.
1) Write in the language used for presentation.
2) Text only. 
3) 200-300 letters in Japanese  or 100-200 words in English.
4) [Type A/ Symposium] Clearly show the aim, data, methods, and results. 
[Type B/C/ Workshop] Clearly show the content of what you will introduce.
5) References should not be included in the abstract. 
6) Prepare your abstract on the MS  Word, and after checking the number of letters/ words, copy & past it to the online form. 

Please send  your abstract to the site below.

--> JAECS 47 Presentation Proposal Submission Form

23:59, Saturday, July 31, 2021
We may extend the deadline only when the number of submission is not enough. We strongly recommend you to submit your proposal as soon as possible,

Presenters can submit their papers (4 pages or 6 pages) for the conference proceedings, which will be published in e-format.

→ JAECS 47th Conference Proceedings Template

The deadline for submitting your paper is August 31, 2021. Please send the MS Word and PDF files to the conference organizer (iskwshin@gmail.com).


JAECS 47th Conference Organizing Committee

委員長/ Chair
石川 慎一郎(神戸大)/  Shin ISHIKAWA (Kobe University)

実行委員/ Committee Members

和泉 絵美(京都大)Emi IZUMI (Kyoto University)
内田 諭(九州大)Satoru UCHIDA (Kyushu University)
杉森 直樹(立命館大)Naoki SUGIMORI (Ritsumeikan University)

〒819-0395 福岡県福岡市西区元岡744 九州大学大学院言語文化研究院